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Model Of The Week - Erika Starr (Interview)

Erika aka Starr grew up in the Temple Terrace USF area of Tampa Florida in one of the rougher areas of town also known as "Suitcase City" known for it's extremely high crime rate but she never let that stop her from always wanting something more. She had big dreams and it became very clear she was going to go after them! She had rhythm before she could even walk her mother would always say. As she played in her bounce swing when she was only months old anytime someone would put on some music she would bounce to every beat and never miss one and when the music stopped so did she. So naturally throughout her childhood she was put into dance classes and performed at the Performing Arts Center of Tampa she also started modeling at the age of 11 and is now pursuing acting. She has appeared in several music videos, magazines and upcoming movies. You can follow her on Twitter@erikaakastarr for bookings flyhighstarr@gmail.com